Agricultural Barn Spraying

Barn Maintenance

We can help those who own agricultural settings with a barn maintenance service. Offering a reliable service that helps maintain your assets and operation for the long haul. We understand that using what you have, being resourceful, and reducing waste are all highly valued principles and practices that prove invaluable for any farm setting. If you would like to protect and maintain the surfaces composing your barn, or the elements found inside, then please get in touch with us by phone or email today.

Barn Spraying

We initially perform an in-depth clean of your barn. Firstly, we will perform a power wash that removes all dirt and contaminants from the surface. From here, we use an air compressor to help us remove any larger sections of old paint that will cause poor adhesion of new paint. Now it’s time for a wire brush down to help remove the finer elements and provide a smooth and keyed surface. We then apply an undercoat of zinc phosphate primer to promote the prevention of rust. The top coat is then the colour of choice you decide upon.

Wood Treatment

We can also help you specifically with timber surfaces, if you have chosen to construct your barn using wood. The process is essentially the same as we would perform with metal, concrete, or other compounds. In this case, however, we would specifically supply two coats of Timber Shield before we apply the topcoat of choice.

What We Can Treat

We can help you with:

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