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About J B Birch Barn Spraying

Find out what we are all about at J B Birch Barn Spraying. Our services are designed to help those with industrial or agricultural investments to preserve the integrity of their buildings and furniture. Our spraying service helps you restore the finish on your products, maximising their lifespan and therefore your investment.

No Job too big or small!

Farm Operations

When considering work in agricultural settings, we can help you with the following elements.

All of these elements can benefit from our services, allowing you long-term use of the building as well as components within it.

Agricultural & Industrial Roof Services

One main aspect of our services includes the cleaning of roofs and their subsequent re-spray. This involves removing any moss and lichen, as well as debris. From here we perform a re-spray, offering a great visual aesthetic as well as protection. We can paint roofs any colour, helping you promote brand colouring, or create colour-coded, sectioned work areas.

Customer Satisfaction

Our services provide our customers with expertise, trustworthiness, and long-term savings in any building requiring paint spraying solutions. Our quality work is built on a track record of success. Utilising modern spraying equipment and techniques has allowed us to offer our customers the best services when it comes to speed, workmanship, and product quality. The paints we use will help you achieve the best results when it comes to mechanical and chemical adhesion, ensuring a strong and healthy surface for years to come.

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